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I am going through a really-really exciting period in my life. Back in the Spring I have accepted an assistant professor position at the University of Pittsburgh. Ten months from today I will walk into my own freshly built lab with brand new measurement equipment ready to take data. This is the target, and so far everything is on schedule! It has been a fascinating process already, which made me decide to document it in a blog.

A lot needs to be done between now and September, and beyond! Buying equipment, looking for talented students, defining new research directions, applying for grants, preparing for teaching, moving from Holland to the U.S.. On top of all this, we are hard at work in Delft on several quantum physics projects. We are hoping to make a big breakthrough, which I will also explain in this blog.

Last thing, I will do my best to make this fun to read. And I will for sure go off-topic rather quickly… So please check back in.

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