Shinto prayer

A year ago around the New Year I visited Meiji Jingu, one of the main shrines of Shinto religion in Tokyo. There I learned of a simple protocol for communicating with Shitno dieties: you write a message on a wooden plate and submit it by hanging with other prayers. You can make a promise for the upcoming year, or make a wish. I wrote “Deeply respected dieties, in 2011 I would like to find a Majorana fermion”.

Now, I must admit I did not take this affair too seriously. First of all, I was completely unaware that after hanging the prayer one must clap hands! Otherwise Gods don’t pay attention. Second, the left half of the plaque contains totally unserious requests from my wife. In my defense I did use Russian, my mother tongue, and naturally the language for expressing the deepest thoughts for me.

Curiously enough, the Gods of Shinto may have heard parts of the prayer. Or perhaps they are just joking.

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