Zen particle

Despite our best efforts it remains impossible to explain what a Majorana particle actually is. They have it much easier with the Higgs boson – it is simply the God particle. Of course, it is the crown jewel of the Standard model, and it is the reason why Everything is the way it is. Higgs is supposed to be super-massive, and they have to build tera-volt colliders to look for it.

Majorana particle is just the opposite. It has no mass, it has no charge, it has no energy, and no spin. It is as close to Nothing as anything can be. It is often called a fermion, but in fact it is only a half of a real fermion. Hard to imagine this, much like it is hard to clap with one hand.

If you are looking for a single word to label the Majorana fermion it must be able to describe the undescribable. Which happens to be the essence of Zen philosophy.

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