Dilution Fridges Ordered

The new lab will receive two dilution refrigerators for reaching 10 millikelvin temperatures. These fridges are among the most sophisticated scientific instruments on Earth (always be precise, just in case!), and only a handful of shops will deliver one to you – and none of them will do it on time.

I am getting the first two fridges from Leiden Cryogenics, a company established by a low temperature physics pioneer Giorgio Frossati. The Leiden shop is just 25 minutes away by train from Delft, so I will have a chance to visit my fridges while they are being assembled over the summer.

These machines are of the new cryogen-free variety meaning they operate like your kitchen fridge but much colder. They do not need a new supply of liquid helium every few days, cutting out a major hassle and expense from their operation. The samples can be loaded into a cold fridge using a top-loading insert. Two separate experiments can be performed in one fridge at the same time. The fridges feature high field magnets, one of them a vector magnet with a rotating magnetic field.

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