NIST Lab Tour

Our Department of Physics and Astronomy here at Pitt has received a substantial grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, with the aim of converting unused rooms and closets into modern laboratory space. This project has been a success, and my own lab is one example of a truly magic transformation. This week we showed off the new labs to the public. I had between 50 and 100 visitors of all walks of life: such as the Director of NIST, a U.S. Undersecretary of Commerce, a Pitt alumnus (which all turned out to be the same person).

One side effect of having a brand-new lab is that it is still pretty empty. In this photo I am asking my visitors to imagine a dilution fridge sitting at its table. I propose that they think about a Ferrari, but one that can reach very-very-very low temperatures.

Photo by Regina Schulte-Ladbeck.

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