Honey, I shrunk the crane

When I first entered my finished lab back in September I was brought to awe by the amazing piece of engineering stuck to the ceiling. It was a crane, that had a giant hook and moved in all three dimensions of space with a push of a button.

2012-09-19 10.03.04

Despite its aesthetics, it was not quite right for the space. The thing was, the highest it could lift stuff was about half way between the floor and the ceiling, and it took so much space that if we moved it from one end to the other it would knock off equipment in its way. So unfortunately that wonderful beast had to go… Well this week we got a replacement – Crane 2.0 – a leaner, meaner younger brother with the same load capacity:

2013-03-07 15.06.19

It is not electric, but it does conserve the most precious commodity we have in that lab – the vertical space. Thanks to everyone for a job well done. As for the old crane, I heard it went to a crane farm in northern Pennsylvania to play with his crane-friends. By the way it had enough cable to lower something down into the Earth’s mantle. Maybe we should have tried fracking with it…