Physics renovation – phase II

This is Allen Hall, a building of very interesting history, and home to our Department of Physics and Astronomy at Pitt.

2012-12-20 10.33.10

But now and till September we are not living there, as it is undergoing a major upgrade on the inside. This is the second phase of physics renovation: our labs have already been finalized but they are located all over the mid-campus complex of buildings. In the renovated Allen Hall, the condensed matter group will occupy the entire 2nd floor (3rd from the ground). There will be offices there for faculty, students and postdocs, a new seminar room… Here is how it looks now:

2013-02-22 16.01.16

This area will be our lounge, I mean discussion area, for which I am now trying to find a commercial grade espresso machine.

2013-02-22 16.00.52

And my own office will be behind this door:

2013-02-22 16.00.20

P.S. This post should calm down those who joined the blog early on and were thinking that it will be entirely devoted to half-finished construction projects. Stop sending me your nasty complaints!