Probe holder

Fridge is not a luxury, but a means of refrigeration. Yet it costs like a luxury car, in the ballpark of those fancy italian Maserati’s and Lamborghini’s. In our case the fridge was even built by a company with italian roots. However, what would you say if your Maserati came without a cup holder? Even a basic one like this…


Well, our fridges came without probe holders. Probes are very useful for quick sample turnaround. They are long sticks which can be used to load samples into a cold fridge thereby shaving off days from the sample exchange cycle. The probes are long and awkward to handle. So we talked to our machine shop in Physics at Pitt to add a probe holder to the system. And they came up with a nifty design:

2014-02-05 12.13.44

And here is how it looks with the probe being held by it:

photo 1