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Quantum computing’s reproducibility crisis: Majorana fermions (Nature, 2021)

So, You Think You Discovered a New State of Matter? (APS Physics, 2021)

We cannot believe we overlooked these Majorana discoveries (arXiv, April 1 2022)

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Mini-workshop “Does condensed matter physics need to worry about a replication crisis?” co-organized with Brian Skinner (OSU), all talks available online

Majorana Fireside Chats (with Vincent Mourik, April 2021)

Majorana Fireside Podcast, Episode 1: The Microsoft TGP paper live review (with Vincent Mourik, July 2022)

Majorana Fireside Podcast Episode 2: Quantization (of conductance) (with Vincent Mourik, November 2022)

Quantum Nanowires: A case study on reproducibility in natural sciences (at the Center for Philosophy of Science, 2023)

Negative result and alternative explanation publications:

P. Zhang, S. Mudi, M. Pendharkar, J.S. Lee, C.P. Dempsey, A.P. McFadden, S.D. Harrington, J.T. Dong, H. Wu, A.-H. Chen, M. Hocevar, C.J. Palmstrøm, S.M. Frolov
Missing odd-order Shapiro steps do not uniquely indicate fractional Josephson effect
arXiv:2211.08710 || Zenodo

S. Mudi, S.M. Frolov
Model for missing Shapiro steps due to bias-dependent resistance
arXiv:2106.00495 || GitHub || In open peer review at SciPost

P. Yu, J. Chen, M. Gomanko, G. Badawy, E.P.A.M. Bakkers, K. Zuo, V. Mourik, S.M. Frolov
Non-Majorana states yield nearly quantized conductance in superconductor-semiconductor nanowire devices
arxiv:2004.08583 || Zenodo || GitHub || Nat. Phys. 17 482 (2021)

Y. Jiang, E.J. de Jong, V. van de Sande, S. Gazibegovic, G. Badawy, E.P.A.M. Bakkers, S.M. Frolov
Hysteretic magnetoresistance in nanowire devices due to stray fields induced by micromagnets
arxiv:2007.05956 || GitHub || Nanotechnology 32 095001 (2021)

J. Chen, B.D. Woods, P. Yu, M. Hocevar, D. Car, S.R. Plissard, E.P.A.M. Bakkers, T.D. Stanescu, S.M. Frolov
Ubiquitous non-Majorana Zero-Bias Conductance Peaks in Nanowire Devices
arXiv:1902.02773 || Zenodo || PRL 123, 107703 (2019)

B.D. Woods, J. Chen, S.M. Frolov, T.D. Stanescu
Zero-energy pinning of topologically-trivial bound states in multi-band semiconductor-superconductor nanowires
arXiv:1902.02772 || PRB 100, 125407 (2019)

Z. Su, A. Zarassi, J.-F. Hsu, P. San-Jose, E. Prada, R. Aguado, E.J.H. Lee, S. Gazibegovic, R. Op het Veld, D. Car, S.R. Plissard, M. Hocevar, M. Pendharkar, J.S. Lee, J.A. Logan, C. J. Palmstrom, E.P.A.M. Bakkers, S. M. Frolov
Mirage Andreev spectra generated by mesoscopic leads in nanowire quantum dots
arXiv:1805.04289  || PRL 121, 127705 (2018)

K. Zuo, V. Mourik, D.B. Szombati, B. Nijholt, D.J. van Woerkom, A. Geresdi, J. Chen, V.P. Ostroukh, A.R. Akhmerov, S.R. Plissard, D. Car, E.P.A.M. Bakkers, D.I. Pikulin, L.P. Kouwenhoven, S.M. Frolov
Supercurrent interference in few-mode nanowire Josephson junctions
arXiv:1706.03331  ||  PRL 119, 187704 (2017)

Post-publication reviews

Data manipulation and omission in ‘Quantized Majorana conductance’, Zhang et al, Nature 2018 (with Vincent Mourik)
paper was retracted from Nature

Post-publication review of ‘Flux-tuned topological superconductivity in full-shell nanowires’ Vaitiekenas et al. Science 2020 (with Vincent Mourik)
Paper is under Editorial Expression of Concern

Post-publication review of Zhang et al. Nature Communications 2017 (with Vincent Mourik and Kun Zuo)
Paper is under journal investigation