Thanks to journalists and colleagues, some of our work has been explained in general terms. Select news stories are listed below.


Science (April 30 2021)
Going with the grains by Valla Fatemi and Michel Devoret

ZDNet (Nov 11 2019)
The quantum supremacy enigma: Can Google’s claim withstand scrutiny? by Scott Fulton

IEEE Spectrum (Sept 8 2017)
Majorana nanoparticles grab limelight and remain center stage by Dexter Johnson

Signatures of Majorana Fermions (2012)

Science 336, 1003-1007 (2012)

Nature Nanotechnology 8, 623 (2013)
Exotic matter: Majorana modes materialize by Jason Alicea

BBC (December 24 2012)
Science news highlights of 2012 by Paul Rincon

Breakthrough of the Year, 2012 (Runners Up)

Physics World (December 14 2012)
Physics World reveals its top 10 breakthroughs for 2012 by Hamish Jonston

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (August 8 2012)
Ganz Wie Sein Antiteilchen by Christian Speicher (in German)

Nature 486, 195-197 (2012)
Quantum physics: Majorana modes materialize by Frank Wilczek

Physics Today (June 2012)
Evidence for Majorana fermions in a nanowire by Mark Wilson

Science 336, 989-990 (2012)
Enter the Majorana Fermion by Piet W. Brouwer

New Scientist (May 14 2012)
Truth of the matter: The Majorana particle mystery
by Michael Brooks and Richard Webb

Nature Nanotechnology (May 9 2012)
Particle physics in a nanowire by Peter Rogers

Reuters (April 26 2012)
Scientists hail Majorana miracle (video) by Jim Drury

Physics World (April 19 2012)
First hint of Majorana fermions spotted in nanowires by Hamish Johnston

MSNBC (April 16 2012)
Elusive particle may be found after decades of searching by Jesse Emspak

BBC (April 13 2012)
Majorana fermions glimpsed in lab by Jonathan Amos (April 13 2012)
Majoranas Spuren by Rainer Scharf (in German)

Le Scienze (April 13 2012)
Rilevate tracce dei fermioni di Majorana (in Italian)

Ars Technica (April 12 2012)
Elusive Majorana fermions may be lurking in a cold nanowire by Matthew Francis (April 12 2012)
Majorana-deeltje waargenomen in Delft (video) (in Dutch)

Science (April 12 2012)
Physicists Discover New Type of Particle–Sort Of by Robert F. Service

Nature (Feb 28 and March 08 2012)
Breaking News: Quest for quirky quantum particles may have struck gold by Eugenie Samuel Reich
A Solid Case for Majorana Fermions by Eugenie Samuel Reich, Nature 483, 132 (2012)

Science 332, 193-195 (2011)
Search for Majorana Fermions Nearing Success at Last? by Robert F. Service

Physics Today (March 2011)
The expanding search for Majorana particles by Barbara Gross-Levi

Spin-orbit qubits in nanowires (2011)

Nature 468, 1084-1087 (2010)

Physics (APS) (April 19 2012)
The hunting of the Majorana fermion by David Voss

Physics Today (March 2011)
Putting a new spin on quantum-dot qubits by Barbara Gross-Levi

Nature 468, 1045-1046 (2010)
Quantum Technology: Electrons spin in the field by David J. Reilly
Qubit in a Nanowire by Jon Cartwright (Dec 22 2010)

Noorderlicht (Dec 22 2010)
Spin-qubits in een nanodraad by Arnout Jaspers (in Dutch) (Dec 23 2010)
Quantenbit im Nanodraht by Rainer Scharf (in German)

TU Delft (Dec 23 2010)
Better control of building blocks for quantum computer

Ballistic spin resonance (2009)

Nature 458, 868-871 (2009)

Смена (October 2009)
Задать направление! by Denis Sklyarov (in Russian)

Nature 458, 841-843 (2009)
Bouncing Spins by Lieven M.K. Vandersypen

Physics World (Apr 15 2009)
Bouncing spins flip direction by Hamish Johnston (Apr 16 2009)
Flippern mit Elektronenspins by Rainer Scharf (in German) (April 16 2009)
Разработан новый способ контролировать спин электрона (in Russian)

CORDIS (Apr 16 2009)
‘Ballistic spin resonance’ offers innovative approach to flipping spin

UBC Science (Apr 15 2009)
UBC Researchers Put a New Spin on Electrons