NSF-DOE Quantum Science Summer School QS3 2019

Lecture 1 (Majorana Basics and Braiding, slides pdf)

Lecture 2 (Zero bias peaks, slides pdf)

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Boulder Summer School for Condensed Matter Physics (Summer 2016)

This graduate-level summer school was focused on Topological Quantum Matter and consisted of 1.5hr lectures by theoreticians and experimentalists in the field. I have given two lectures on Majorana fermions in nanowires focusing on the experimental progress.

Lecture 1 on Majorana fermion experiments (video)

Slides for Lecture 1 (pdf) ; Homework

Lecture 2 on Majorana fermion experiments (video)

Complete list of lecture videos and notes

Introduction to Solid State Physics (Fall 2015)

This is an upper-level undergraduate course that follows Steve Simon’s textbook “Oxford Solid State Basics” to go through the early theories of solid state, the 1D toy models and then on to the band theory of solids. The second part of the course will feature magnetism, superconductivity and recent topics such as low-dimensional systems, quantum nanoelectronics and quantum computing. This class is a pre-quel to the Quantum Transport course that I taught in 2013.

Course Outline (syllabus)

Panopto Videos of Solid State Physics Lectures

Quantum Transport (Spring 2013)

Quantum transport describes phenomena for which it is essential to consider conducting electrons in solids as quantum particles. This course will take an experimental point of view focusing on low temperature electrical measurements. Materials science, nanotechnology and measurement techniques central to the field will be reviewed. Quantum devices to be covered include low-dimensional systems such as quantum dots (0D), quantum point contacts (1D) and two-dimensional electron gases (2D), as well as three-dimensional mesoscopic devices such as single-electron transistors, Aharonov-Bohm interferometers and superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUIDs). The fundamentals of quantum transport such as Coulomb blockade, weak localization and Quantum Hall effects will be followed by topics of high current interest, namely solid state quantum bits (based on spin, magnetic flux and electric charge) and topological phases in condensed matter (quantum spin Hall effect, topological insulators, Majorana fermions).

Recommended books: Thomas Ihn “Semiconductor Nanostructures: Quantum states and electronic transport”, Yuli Nazarov and Yaroslav Blanter “Quantum Transport: Introduction to Nanoscience”.

Youtube videos of lectures:

Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: Energy and Length Scales

Lecture 3: Materials for Quantum Transport

Lecture 4: Technology

Lecture 5: Ballistic Transport and Quantum Point Contacts

Lecture 6: Quantum Point Contacts II

Lecture 7: Coulomb Blockade

Lecture 8: Quantum Dots

Lecture 9: Spin States in Quantum Dots

Lecture 10: Spin-Orbit Interaction

Lecture 11: Quantum bits

Lecture 12: Spin qubits

Lecture 13: Superconductivity

Lecture 14: Josephson effects

Lecture 15: Superconducting interference

Lecture 16: Superconducting qubits

Lecture 17: Quantum Hybrids

Lecture 18: Coupled Qubits

Lecture 19: Quantum Outlook

Lecture 20: Majorana Fermions